Meaningful Identity.

Because you are more than just a number.

What Do We Do

This is SafeGuarden - a place where we cooperate and answer the questions: Do I know you? Can I trust you? Are you a good citizen?

We help individuals and organisations communicate with each other with confidence.

We enable communities to build trust between their members. We then enable multiple communities to build trust in each other.

Imagine a place on-line that gives back instead of taking.  Rewarding social good whilst protecting from the bad.

That’s what we do.

Our Approach

We help individuals and organisations make better decisions about one another. We do this by protecting an individual’s privacy whilst at the same time providing transparency as to how their data is shared and used.

Your standing in your community is determined by your verified identity and how others view you. You can assess the standing of others by their verified identity and how others view them. At all times you have full control over your data and what you share, with whom and when.

Collectively we build confidence in each other and collectively we start to build a kinder and more inclusive world.

About Us

We are based in Manchester - the beating heart of the co-operative movement during the first industrial revolution. We now seek to co-operate with others and apply the Rochdale Principles to the fourth industrial revolution. We believe the people who own their data should share in the benefits derived from that data.

SafeGuarden is powered by Spotlite from CDD Services Ltd. While we become established our services are administered by CDD Management Services.


SafeGuarden provides services that enable us to build trust and a safer way to communicate. The services we provide to our members are:

The RealMe: this is your digital identity and personal evidence store. It allows you to securely build and share evidence of your identity, qualifications and integrity. You can establish multiple personas and have full control over the data you share.

The RealYou: this is how you validate that you are dealing with a real person, the degree that others trust them and consider them a good citizen. It links your digital identity to the real you in the real world.

The IntegrityGateway: this is our SDK and API for app developers and service providers to plug into their systems. It allows them to exchange SafeGuarden information about you under your control. Only you can release your data to share or transfer to third parties.

Entry into SafeGuarden is free, membership fees apply for the storage of your documents and the safeguarding of others. Profits made from the provision of SafeGuarden data to commercial organisations are returned to the members and community-based groups.

Commercial organisations wishing to gain access to SafeGuarding do so via CDD Management Services or other third party providers using SafeGuarden’s IntegrityGateway.

How do I join SafeGuarden?

SafeGuarden is currently available to a limited number of communities and organisations for the provision of membership cards, employment cards and certification services. You may be invited to join SafeGuarden through one of these communities or organisations.

As we build capacity, we will open SafeGuarden to the general public so all can share in the benefits.

If you would like to know more and stay in touch as we grow, click here.

If you are from a community or organisation that would like to implement SafeGuarden for your members or employees, click here.

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